Heroes never take a day off.

Jun 04


It’s so hard to smile when you’re drowning in your own tears.

Jun 01


just my luck right? thanks god.

May 22

Nikki Yu

I really really really miss my girlfriend so much. I can’t wait untill she’s back in my arms once again. I love you baby and these three weeks can’t go by sooner. :(

May 19
i stole this from Aica. I love this pic. :] it reminds me of me and nikki since shes my princess and i have a zelda tattoo lmao

i stole this from Aica. I love this pic. :] it reminds me of me and nikki since shes my princess and i have a zelda tattoo lmao

May 01


Bamboozle here we come baby!!

Wanna see:




Something Corporate

Bullet For My Valentine

Escape The Fate

Four Year Strong

Relient K

Saves The Day

and HANSON…yes hanson lmao!

oh yeah and the b-boy competition!


Apr 13

I can’t wait till the summer. I’m really gonna try nd just enjoy life. I also can’t wait to walk on the beach at night wif my girlfriend. The thought of her makes me feel warm and smile. ;)

Apr 10


Apr 05


Can’t wait to go to my first Phillies game this year yet I dunno when! Trying to get everyone to go because tailgating is funnn as shit. 1st game of the season today. Go Phils!!

Apr 03


Cant wait! Finally gonna be my first Bamboozle experience and going with my baby! She got us tickets for may 1st for our 1 yr anniversary! Gonna be awesome!!

Mar 27

mood of life

i guess i can say i have been taking life for granted lately, but its not really what you think. im just in that whatever mood of life. so you know i started smoking cigarettes again, big deal right. i was a smoker before i met you, you even seen pictures, u can ask anyone, shit u can ever ask my mom. dont think i started again because of you. i never once blamed you and never will. i started again because of what im going through, it helps me cope, just like when my dad passed away. its a coping mechanism, a temporary sense of relief, it calms me down because it feels like im at that point again, stuck in that rut with all that rage, and that only person that can bring me up again and show me that i dont need them is you. so until i feel safe and fine, i will be smoking until i know the coast is clear. im sorry but i do try to the best of my ability to keep the smell or taste or sight away from you. i know how much u hate smokers and u dont date smokers, but appreciate that at least. i am your boyfriend of over a year yanno. anyways, im not gonna explain every little detail but ill try to say what i feel. i feel so fucking bad every time i make you cry. why do i do it? its not my purpose, its not my aim, it just happens. you just have to try and be stronger than you were yesterday. stand up for yourself. get rid of the self-pity and self-denial and take a stand. i always tell you that but it seems like it has no effect. you think it just has no effect on me, then where is this effect? ive been trying to get you to do that for so long, when you think about it, im 23 and you are 21, not 14 and 12. i am my own person and so are you so TAKE A STAND FOR YOURSELF. its only gonna be a matter of time till i just give all this shit up, analyze the current results, and go from there because im tired of playing the parent instead of the boyfriend. yeah i may be pushing you and trying to get you to grow but look what its doing to me. i will and always have your back, but can u honestly say you have mine? you have to take your place in this relationship as the other half, not let me run the show all the time. i stress this to you all the time, but all you think im doing is lecturing you because thats me just trampling all over you. you feel like i never appreciate anything you do for me, bullshit. i do, you just believe it in your mind full of insecurities that i dont. just because i dont thank you and tell you every time i see you doesnt mean that im just going to leave you. yeah i left you in the past, but you gave me all the reasons to leave instead of to stay. i always tell you to show me the bed, not show me the door but all you have been telling me that i deserve someone else, someone better since we first started going out, that i can either deal with all this or leave. how about you make it better for me because you want to, not because you have to. you have to want to help me, not force it, like the other night. you are my girlfriend. so its like wtf yanno, i dont know if any of it gets to you, its not like i want you to make me feel like shit or tell me how much of an asshole i am all the time but if thats what comes out, then im willing to hear it all just for you to speak your mind instead of keeping it all in. it takes two to make a relationship to work, not just one. i know you put up with all my bullshit but i do the same in return. and i dont give a shit of what people have been saying about us, whether it be your friends, my friends, your family, my family, whatever. i know for a fact that im not in control of you, but shit, sometimes i feel like youre in such control of me, i think its opposite. you say i make you choose me over your friends and fun all the time, thats bologna. look how it got to it, look at our trust problems. look at all the lies of where you been or who you were with. so okay, you just found out that i never told you that i danced with a girl or two. its not like i hooked up with them or formed a relationship with them, they are close friends, people i know, not strangers. i didnt do it out of revenge, u know im not a vengeful person. im not saying what i did was right, im just saying that it isnt as bad as what you always tend to do to me. how does it feel to find out something out that hurts!!? what was that, the first time? i never told you because i didnt want to hurt you, what were all the reasons why you lied to me for? were they to save me or to save yourself and your friends? cause im so used to it. i know im not supposed to live in the past, but you know you just cant ignore it. look how much time we spend together, look how much time you spend with me, now look how much time i spend with you right back! its not like you are my house alone or on a date alone, im fucking there right with you!! i choose to put all my friends and fun behind me to put you up there just like you do for me, so tell me wheres the control? you do it because you feel like you have no other choice, i do it to make you happy because thats the only thing i can do with my failure of a life i have. ive been dealing with it all, even now, and guess what. you are still my girlfriend and i am still your boyfriend. so lets give all this shit up and work at it together as a team, not like the rebel army trying to overthrow the gallactic empire once and for all. we have a strong bond my love, we can either choose to keep holding hands or start making a gap in between our walk. id chose you any day. may the force be with you baby. i love you